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Welcome to Edicom Online

Edicom ASP/EDI and Outsourcing services

Outsourcing is a current issue where the main aim of business is to cut direct expenses by subcontracting outside services that do not affect the company’s main activity.

The outsourcing trend is currently prevalent in the business community world-wide and basically consists of the external hiring of annexed resources, while the organisation is dedicated exclusively to the main activity of the company or business.

Outsourcing was considered until recently simply as a means to reduce overheads significantly, but in the last few years has shown to be a useful tool for encouraging the growth of companies.


The ASP and the EDI and CRP Outsourcing Services offered by EDICOM will enable you to:

  • Focus on critical issues rather than routine systems operations.
  • Enhance performance by swift adaptation to the communications demands of your business.
  • Reduce training time and costs for qualified personnel.
  • Have specialist technicians at your disposal always up to date on technological changes, combining knowledge with optimal organisation of resources.
  • Achieve a stable balance of the organisation’s resources, Outsourcing services and third party contributions.
  • Accelerate the evolution of new technologies while keeping costs down, mitigating risks and maintaining control over the area of technological innovation.

EDICOM has created this ASP (Application Service Provider) service with maximum guarantees of reliability and availability, in economic conditions accessible to any type of business.

ISO 270001 & ISO 20000
SAS70 Type II
European Certification Authority
Certification Service provider in Mexico
Time Stamping Authority
Preservation of NOM151 data messages. Official Mexican Standard SCFI-2002
Authorized Certification Provider. Mexican Tax Administration Service SAT
Solution Applicability Statement 2 AS2 Protocol
Qualification Démat EDI 289 bis